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How to be a Leader in the Modern Workplace
In an era of technical growth and boom, leadership is even more important than ever. While some people are born with innate leadership skills, others with a passion for the field can acquire the skills needed to become sensational. With the fast pace of the business world, there are 10 leadership skills you can hone for the future workplace.
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5 Characteristics of Effective Teams
Imagine, it’s a random Tuesday morning and you and your team are on a plane headed to… Don’t get too comfortable imagining a conference center, hotel with a lounge, or a boardroom. Instead, picture a deserted island, a la the TV show, Survivor. Before a Jeff Probst lookalike has the opportunity to welcome you to the island, you, as the leader of your team need to make a plan. To get everyone through to the last tribal council and get the sweet satisfaction of a job well done, you need a pl...
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Now Offered in Both English and Spanish
Front Line Leadership program is now offered in both English and Spanish languages. With the ever-changing workplace and creation of diversity initiatives within organizations, we wanted to accommodate the needs of our clients. Diversity not only provides greater insight into what customers need and value, it’s also proven to make your organization more effective, more successful, and more profitable.
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New Year’s Resolutions in the Workplace
Ah… It’s that time again. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and the time to start anew is here. January marks not only the New Year but also the idea of a “new you.” This fresh start typically includes resolutions. About 60% of the population admits to making them every year while only a staggering 8% actually are successful in completing them. While that 8% can be intimidating as self-doubt may tend to creep in and have even the best of us wondering if we have what it takes be ...
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Critical thinking ranks highest in the most in-demand skills for job candidates, however these skills are often found to be lacking. A Wall Street Journal analysis of standardized test scores given to collegiate freshman and seniors at 200 colleges found that the average graduate (even from some of the most prestigious universities) show little or no improvement in critical thinking skills over the course of their four years in college. Similar statistics are found in the workplace.
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The Difference to Become an Amazing Leader
In many of today’s industries, there is a push for a 24/7 workplace mentality whether you’re in the office or not. This adds a level of innate pressure on everyone in the workplace. But with the push for employee engagement and satisfaction at the forefront of many a high-level executive meeting, there are a few things commonly found amongst the greatest leaders in their industries.
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Manage[ment] Engagement

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Manage[ment] Engagement
Leadership teams at the highest level within companies agree culture change is a high priority to continue to grow and be competitive in their respectful marketplaces. However, the trickle-down effect required to ensure such changes are implemented and effective, tends to lie solely on the shoulders of management teams. With a whopping 75% of employees quitting their job citing “management” as their reason for leaving, the need for management engagement becomes even more important.
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7 Ways Leaders Unknowingly Sabotage Their Own Teams
Leading comes with a myriad of challenges and obstacles. There are numerous reasons for and catalysts of the downfall of a team or group of employees. But what about when the largest factor in a team’s disfunction is the leader themselves? What are ways leaders sabotage their own teams and how do we avoid these behaviors
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Top 5 Leadership Qualities Revealed
What skills are needed for effective and inspirational leadership across organizations and businesses? A few years ago, Zenger and Folkman compiled research to discover just that, the most crucial characteristics that all leaders need to possess and practice. Rather than seeing data that pointed to leaders at different levels implementing differing skills and traits, they found that there was a specific subset of qualities that make a leader productive, especially at higher levels of an organiza...
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Robert Winter to Speak at MindLab Conference
Robert Winter will be speaking at the MindLab conference on April 24th in Denver, Colorado. His session will focus on productive conflict, an assessment offered by Wiley/Everything DiSC. He will also discuss his FrontLine Leadership Development Program and how its implementation can help transform your organization's managers into strong leaders. This program has successfully equipped leaders in a wide variety of industries.
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